Earning A Merit Badge

A scout earns merit badges at this own pace, according to his own interests.  As a scout works on merit badges, he learns about sports, crafts, science, trades, business and future potential careers.  In fact, there are more than 100 merit badges which a scout may earn at any time.  To work on a merit badge, it is important to follow the steps listed below:
 Step 1   
 Pick a Subject
 Scout should review requirements of merit badge.  
 Step 2    
 Get Application
 Get signed merit badge application (blue card) from Scoutmaster.
 Step 3   
 Choose Counselor
 Scoutmaster has list of all merit badge counselors from Los Amigos District, including Troop 1814.  Scout chooses counselor from list.
 Step 4
 Call Counselor
 Scout contacts counselor to let counselor know scout wants to work on particular merit badge.  Counselor may want to set up appointment with scout to discuss requirements of merit badge.
 Step 5
 Meet Counselor
 You must take another person with you at each meeting with counselor.  This person can be another scout, parent/guardian, sibling or other relative or friend.
 Step 6
 Work on Merit Badge
 Read merit badge book.  Troop 1814 has many merit badge books available for check out free, or you can purchase one at the Scout Shop.  Learn and complete requirements.  Seek help from counselor if needed.
 Step 7 Show Your Stuff
 When all merit badge requirements are met, call counsel to set up appointment.  At appointment, scout will show work on evidence of completed requirements.  Evidence might include photos, videos, a note from a teacher or other adult, etc.
Reminder: take another person with you to counselor appointment.
 Step 8 Turn in Application    When requirements are complete, counselor signs application (blue card).  Scout must turn in signed application to Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair.  Scout receives earned merit badge at next Court of Honor.
 Step 9 Save Application After scout receives merit badge, keep application (blue card) and completion card (white card).  Scout will need these as evidence when applying for the rank of Eagle Scout.